School with a difference poised to take on fresh challenges, leading the way to a better future and setting new standards in the field of education

    St. Marys Central School
  • St Mary's Educational And Cultural Society

    We have a very long standing experience in the field of imparting quality education to more than ten thousand students in Kerala since 1974

    St. Marys Central School
Celebrating 32 years of Educational Excellence St Mary's Central School has crossed memorable and eventful years in its all round progress towards the coveted achievement of educational aims for the enrichment and enhancement of knowledge

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About St Mary's

St. Mary's School, Trivandrum is a sister concern of the Thiruvalla St. Mary's School Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, which is one of the earliest +2 schools in Kerala (1974)...

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The campus is located in Sylvan settings, with pllution free air and a major river flowing by side. Classes are all arranged around a series of inter connected courtyards, thereby providing effective ...

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The school supports students with all the modern and essential facilities to keep them abreast with advanced technology and open the door to the world of learning and bringout the best in them...

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The teaching faculty comprises of qualified and experienced personnel. Full fledged staff with ample credentials are our highlights.The School has a strength 70 staff members...

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